The Last Drop has one mission. To seek out the finest, rarest, and the most exceptional spirits. And they have outdone themselves with the latest award-winning addition to their guided halls. Their 1971 Vintage is blended from over 50 different scotch whiskies. A small amount was held back and was filled into seven Oloroso Sherry hogsheads that lay in a warehouse for another 20 years!  This batch finally produced 898 bottles and accompanying miniatures all wax dipped by hand and presented in a forest green leather case, with a certificate of bottling. Think of all the best leather-bound books you’ve ever seen, but better (these have whiskey inside). Reminiscent of a different time, in 1971 we had gone to the moon, Disney World had just opened and people were still in support of Disco. But amidst all that, in Scotland they were busy distilling the whiskeys that would become part of a truly unique and exceptional blend.

This whiskey is of limited quantity and of course exceptionally delicious, but more impressively remarkably full of life. You would think sitting around for half a century, the taste would mellow, but it still comes barreling out of the bottle with strong fruit notes and warming spice.  On the nose there is honey and tangy orange and lemon, followed by warmer softer notes of stewed apple and toasted almonds. On the palate, fruity and sweet with more citrus and a hint of oak and a delicate smokiness. Rich in color with a wonderful soft mouthfeel, this whiskey embodies everything that The Last Drop prides themselves on being able to offer their patrons. Exceptionally rare, with unmatchable quality, this 1971 vintage is a true relic of the past – like a time capsule with a sophisticated personality.

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