From the moment you enter the Langham Hotel you are graced with an elegance like none other. Extravagance would be the word to describe this vibrant, yet sophisticated work of art. From the stunning décor to the distinctive uniforms worn by each and every member of staff, you are given a stunning reminder that you are in one of the world’s most historic cities and one of the most renowned hotels in the world. From the top-hat wearing doormen to the ladies who greet you in custom-made Langham dresses to take you to your room, this is England in its most traditional sense, creating an experience that is unique to the Langham Hotel.

This is the hotel that will get you what you need, if they haven’t already provided it. Your room is lavished with luxury amenities from their own personal spa, alongside an abundance of gizmo’s and technological gadgets that seem to blend in to perfection amongst the elegantly designed décor of the rooms.

The New Regent Wing
Langham Hotel London drinkme BEdroom Langham Wing

Unquestionably one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in, the plush and elegant design of Hotel Langham’s rooms is a testament to London’s royal connections. The new Regent Wing that opened only a couple of weeks ago celebrates the hotels 150th anniversary since opening its doors. Not only have 43 brand new rooms been welcomed to the hotel, The Langham is now home to ‘The Sterling Suite’, London’s now largest residential penthouse.

Tea Tickle Your Fancy?
Langham Afternoon Cream Tea drink me

Indulge in a traditional Afternoon Cream Tea with a modern taste twist, in one of the best tearooms in England, Palm Court. Every piece of furniture has been exceptionally well placed, every picture on the wall, every curtain and frame, everything. You truly cannot fault the décor and you certainly cannot help but immerse yourself in the ambience. Welcome to London, and some of the finest finger sandwiches you’ve ever tasted.

The Alchemists Paradise
Artesian Bar Langham Hotel London drinkme

As a drink enthusiast, the most exciting feature to explore would be that of Artisan, a world famous establishment that has honed in a staggering number of awards since the day its doors opened. If you want to impress someone, this would be the establishment to do it, but you may want to book in advance, because believe me when I say this place is popular, and so it should be.

The bar staff are an unquestionable team of excellence, watching them is like watching an act that has rehearsed for years, with each catch, shake, pour and smile timed to absolute perfection. With so many people eager to taste their tipple, one would think they would be completely overwhelmed, especially with such a diverse and sophisticated cocktail menu. But nope, not a single sweat bead is observed and you know you’re in damn good hands.

Whether you’re visiting from afar, in need of some fine dining or just want to enjoy one of the best cocktails London has to offer, the Langham is an unquestionable hotspot for self discovery and relaxation.

Welcome to luxury.