Tired of your wine expiring a mere 24 hours or so after uncorking? Annoyed with the constant battle between white and red? Stressed over supplying enough wine to satisfy everyone’s tastes for that big dinner party? Kuvée has heard your struggles and has delivered their rather ingenious solution.

This Boston-based start-up’s first product is already swinging doors wide open for the expansion of connecting technology and wine. The Kuvée Bottle will keep your wine fresh for up to 30 days. But, there is a catch. The bottle is only compatible with Kuvée wine cartridges. Right now, Kuvée is working with 48 different wines representing various varietals and styles with the hopes of adding additional winery partners and labels on an ongoing basis.

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The bottle acts as your pourer, information system, and winery shop while the individual 750ml wine cartridges are designed with an airtight seal that when clicked into the bottle release the wine. Pour your glass of red then click in another for that friend who insists on white without sacrificing the wine’s freshness. The bottle has a touch screen that instantly recognizes which wine was chosen. With this, you’ll get the full history of the wine and you’re also able to rate it. If you run out, Kuvée has given you direct access to their shop through the bottle.

Never say, “I’ll have whatever’s open” again. Pre-order your Kuvée kit today.

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