At the heart of the traditional whisky flask is the masculinity that is connected with its shape. However, years of images of stumbling drunkards swigging whiskey from a flask has somewhat diminished the class associated with the shape.

That’s where the Kole comes in. Yossi Levin and Max Cheprack, the creators of this flask, brand the Kole as “an elegant revolution in the art of drinking.” Levin and Cheprack have reimagined the flask with a design that maintains the traditional essence of masculinity while offering up a fresh shape unfettered by associations with drunken behavior.

The Kole’s long, cylindrical shape is beautiful, and the oak surrounding the stainless steel gives the flask a rugged, yet warm feel that is just asking for a single malt. The cap is designed to function as cup, so flask owners can look classy again while sipping—never swigging.

My only request: Please don’t start stumbling around with this flask. It’s just too beautiful.