When it comes to great coffee, you may not instantly think of the Japanese. When it comes to great design, however, Japan shouldn’t be too far from your mind. Japan-based KINTO bring great design to your morning brew with this coffee carafe set—perfect for entertaining or a lazy Sunday.

Not only is the carafe set visually stunning with its crystal clear glass and stainless steel components, but it makes a great cup of coffee every time with its pour-over brewing experience.

The coffee carafe is generous in dimensions and easy to clean. Just rinse it in the sink or run it safely through the dishwasher. The glass is heat-resistant and the filter is made out of durable stainless steel and copolyester, and—best of all—it’s resuable! Having to go buy filters before you’ve had a great cup of coffee should be a crime, so think about this carafe set before your weekend routine turns ugly.