It’s likely you already have a few glass pitchers and decanters at home, so another carafe may not be the highest purchase on your wishlist. The WW Carafe, however, deserves consideration for seeking the “most functional” superlative.

Designed by Benjamin Hubert of Layer, this breather-carafe has what the design firm would describe as “functional intelligence.” Basically, the carafe’s design is elegant and it serves its purpose extremely well. In fact, 800% well, when it comes to aerating wine. The stainless steel breathing device included with this carafe uses an aesthetically pleasing “raining” process to increase a wine’s surface area eight-fold.

The carafe’s purpose naturally extends to other libations too. This same breathing device can also be used to prevent garnishes from spilling out of the carafe during pouring. So, while the WW in the name stands for “water” and “wine,” the carafe is still ideal for serving sangria or a cocktail punch made with muddled herbs and fruits.

With all its uses, the WW carafe could easily replace two or three of those decanters accumulating dust in the back of your kitchen cabinet. Time to simplify?