A first for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau, Devotion Vodka became the first recognized vodka brand to print both Gluten-free and No Sugar Added on the bottle. All Devotion flavors are created by the number one privately owned flavor company Allen Flavors—the same makers of the acclaimed Arizona Iced Tea.

Devotion Vodka is 100% American made boasting the usage of the highest grade USA non-GMO corn. Each vodka is distilled six times, multi filtered, and utilizing a unique water deionizing process. Their current line up consists of exotic blends to please every vodka drinker’s palate. Currently their flavor options include Pure (plain vodka), Blood Orange, Black and Blue (blackberry and blueberry), The Perfect Cosmo (just add cranberry), Wild Cherry, Coconut, and Tiki (natural black tea flavors, honey, and citrus). Each type can be mastered into flavor rich cocktails. Find Devotion at some of the largest retailers and restaurant chains countrywide.

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