Gin, invented in the mid 17th century, has been one of the broadest categories of spirits, while always revolving around the key ingredient of juniper berries. The Alchemist’s Gin Copperhead from Belgium is a gentle and versatile gin with a very special story. Named after Dr. Copperhead, a notorious alchemist who was in search for the elixir of life and along the way he surprisingly found an exquisite composition: a copper distilled gin recipe based on 5 essential ingredients. Traditional botanicals of angelica root, cardamom, orange peel, coriander and – of course – juniper berries, make a truly harmonic and well-balanced gin.

Currently, Copperhead Gin has two batches: Mr. Copperhead and Black Batch. Mr. Copperhead comes in an elegant, copper-colored bottle with the original recipe, which can be mixed with meticulously elaborated blends with functional components. There are different blends that can change the effect of the gin. The brand suggests Energeticum, made out of guarana berries that stimulate energy levels and gives the gin a stronger citrus aroma, Aperitivum that makes the gin bitterer and is made out of grapefruit and angelica to stimulate appetite or Digestivum, which will sweeten the drink and stimulate digestion through the ginger.

The Black Batch is the dark side of gin following the original Mr. Copperhead recipe with another ingredient – elderberries. Recommended to be consumed as Woman’s Serve, which is done by flavoring the ice with 2 cl of elderberry cordial then straining the syrup and pouring the gin on top. For a simpler cocktail: a perfect G&T can be made with either batch with the fantastic Mediterranean Tonic Water by Fever Tree and add a garnish of coriander and orange zest. For more information, you can contact Copperhead Gin here.