Scotland has long been known for it’s fiery passions in warfare, lifestyle, and even their distilleries. This especially pertains to their whisky, which has been a Scotland mainstay ever since King James IV’s love of this certain drink made it a huge import in the 16th century and a mainstay ever since. Since 1897, Glen Moray has been distilling single malt whiskies that properly reflect Scottish whisky and celebrate their taste and culture. Glen Moray has properly produced Scottish whisky for the past 119 years and have just announced they are releasing an Elgin Heritage Range that will include three single malts: a 12, 15, and 18-year-old single malt whisky. Each single malt whisky will have their own unique colors, designs, and tastes that will properly reflect Scottish whisky tradition.

The 12-year-old single malt will have a polished gold color that has a splendid taste of summer fruits and sweet finish. The 15-year-old single malt will be in a copper color that has an intense, spicy dark chocolate taste and a long, rich finish with an intertwining of spiciness and sweetness. The 18-year-old malt will have an autumn gold color and a sweet spiced baked apple taste that will have a mellow, long finish. Each of these from the Elgin Heritage Range provide a unique taste and experience to celebrate Scottish whisky in a responsible manner.

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