Blakes Hotel, located right in the heart of Kensington, London has been serving guests since 1978. This luxurious boutique hotel is known for its remarkable design, sophistication, and top of the line service. Not only does this hotel have a place to sleep, but also now a place to eat, drink, and share memories. In June of 2016, Blakes Restaurant was launched, offering an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine with the freshest wild ingredients. Blakes didn’t stop there though. With the expansion of the highly anticipated new bar launch in September of 2016, Blakes Below bar will be opening its doors to the public.

Blakes Bar drink me london best bars in london

Blakes Bar drink me london best bars in london1

With the help of Anouska Hempel, a world famous interior designer, the bar will be redesigned to bring style, flavor, and a soothing ambiance to people in the city looking to ease their mind after work with a cocktail and hotel guests that want to relax after an eventful day of touring the town. Blakes Below is known for its intimate and decadent parties, which attracts a significant list of A-list clients. With a long list of adventurous cocktails including Tokyo Drift and the Orient Express, Blakes Below will be sure to satisfy the curiosity of your taste buds. Open every Wednesday to Saturday from 7PM-midnight, Blakes Below will be open to guests, friends, and residents of the hotel. Once you’re below you’ll never want to go!

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