Good things take time. The magical connection of falling in love, for example, doesn’t form overnight – it may take ages. The Balvenie Peat Week Aged 14 Years, the most handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky, can attest to that.

Maturing in a distillery in Dufftown, Scotland laid a batch of heavily peated malt in American oak casks under the watchful eye of the industry’s longest-serving Malt Master David Stewart. This pioneering moment paved the way for Peat Week- a celebration seven days each year that was dedicated to using only peated barley in the production of this smoky, delicious spirit. The continued efforts to experiment with different elements of whisky not traditional with The Balvenie is what makes this spirit truly one of a kind.

This classic honeyed whisky enriched with a subtle, sweet and lingering peat smoke showcases the true innovation and forward-thinking nature of The Balvenie. Leading with a velvety round taste balancing flavors of citrus, oaky vanilla, and blossom honey, finishing with a gentle smoke and lingering vanilla sweetness, this whisky is perfectly paired with any desired mixing beverage, or served neatly over ice.

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