Based on the ideology of mixology—the mind blowing art of mixing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty notes to masterpiece an extraordinary cocktail, the American Juice Company (AJC) took freshly harvested fruits and other natural ingredients to create a line of unique juice blends perfect for any cocktail. Now available to every bar, restaurant, hotel, and home, AJC keeps introducing new, innovative blends that cut the time when producing a flavor packed drink. There’s no need to cut, chop, slice, and dice, which saves bartenders time and increase profits. You’re getting lasting quality at a great deal

Back to the slew of incredible flavors, AJC introduces an autumn inspired treat. The Johnny Pumpkinseed is a balanced blend of pumpkin, butternut squash, passion fruit, orange, brown sugar, sugar cane, salt, and tellicherry pepper. They roast the pumpkin and butternut squash before hand-scooping the core. Because of squash’s naturally hearty flavor, AJC decided to lighten the blend with the passion fruit, orange, and remaining sugars, salt, and pepper give it that desired refreshing kick. Each bottle makes 16 cocktails.

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