Hush Heath Estates is now combining delicious English apples with rosé and white wine! These Cox, Bramley, Egremont Russet apples are all from The Garden of England, Kent, handpicked on the estates themselves! The sparkling wines give a refreshing taste to summer and the apples make an ode to fall as well.

First the wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks just like Champagne and then continue to ferment in the bottle with Champagne yeast. Thus creating the desirable, crisp, fresh taste. Instead of binging on the same bottle of Prosecco, try Hush Heath Estates Sparkling English Apple Wine to change it up and bring more unique flavors to the table.

The white apple wine is mixed with grapes and apples but also has a hint of citrus. While the rosé apple wine is mixed with strawberry, blackcurrant, and apple. At 8.0% abv, these two delicious sparkling wines will bring laughter and bubbling taste buds to the dinner table.