The country’s leading certified organic, non-GMA verified, cold-pressed juice and plant-based food company, Project Juice, has a new addition to their exciting line of products. The Alkalinity kit is now offered in-stores and online with pickup and delivery options available. This kit aims to bring attention on how to assist our body’s natural processes and the importance of maintaining self-regulation. Alkalizing agents are significant in diets because without them, the body will leach other minerals from tissues. In turn, this can lead to bone loss, wrinkles, joint inflammation, and can create a disease happy environment. Thus Project Juice turned to lemons—their juice is extremely alkalizing on the body.

So, three lemon-juice based cold-pressed juices were created to overcome mid-afternoon slumps, kill cravings, and rid the body of bloating. The Master is comprised of thermogenic cayenne to boost metabolism and burn fat. Black Magic acts a detoxifying source from the activated coconut charcoal that absorbs heavy metals, chemicals, and intestinal gasses. Turmeric Lemonade is another metabolism boosting juice but focuses on acting as an anti-inflammatory and helps ensure maximum oxygen flow to the cells. Each kit contains three of each juice.