Your go-to cocktail and my personal favorite is now more accessible than ever. Cutwater has introduced Gin and Tonic in a can. This mixed drink will mix up your beer after beer routine. Bring a cooler to the beach without the hassle of glass, a light flavor with a hint of grapefruit and cucumber perfect for hanging in the sun.

Made with Cutwater’s own Old Grove Gin and packaged in San Diego, California this drink brings a laid-back vibe to a classic cocktail. No need to get an entire drink mixology set and fuss with the mess of making a beverage after a long day of work, keep these babies in the fridge and crack one open to start your night right. Gluten free and winner of over half a dozen tasting awards, Cutwater’s Gin and Tonic in a 12oz can is available year-round. Finally our number one concoction is in the convenience of a can, check out your new go-to grocery list item on the company website and discover all that Cutwater Spirits has to offer.

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