This African inspired and London distilled delight delivers the heart of Africa in a bottle. Whitley Neill is a London Dry Gin crafted at an independent distillery complete with eight generations of experience and heritage. Striving to send your taste buds on a flavor-filled and aromatic adventure with every sip, Whitley Neill is softer than traditional gins with a very smooth finish with the beauty and mystery of Africa in mind. Nine of the many creatively concocted botanicals within Whitley Neill are derived from off the beaten track in Africa. To fully capture the African essence, coriander seeds, Cape gooseberry, baobab fruit, sweet lemon, sweet orange, angelica root, cassia bark, Florentine iris, and juniper berries are blended and infused creating this one of a kind gin. Thus Whitley Neill, suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, brings together rich juniper, zest citrus, pot pourri, and exotic spices together for a long finish that fades subtly into herbs, cocoa, and candied lemon peels while the nose awakens to a citrusy sweet and peppery mix with floral notes. Every time you open the bottle a new adventure awaits, won’t you join the journey?

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