The Tara Atacama collection by Ventisquero is inspired by the mystery and silence of the Atacama Desert—the driest in the world and provides a unique challenge for winemakers. Those challenges are taken head-on resulting in Tara, a line of extreme wines as complex as the landscape in which they originate.

Tara White Wine 1 comes from ungrafted Chardonnay vines. After being harvested, whole clusters were foot-crushed and the must was fermented in stainless steel tanks. To fully express its Atacama origins, it was neither clarified nor filtered which gives the wine a unique fine sediment. It is fresh and mineral in style with a tense mouth and good structure offering subtle hints of the chalky and salty soils of the desert. The nose reveals apricots and sweet cucumbers which intensify as you drink. Savor the rare character that only a place as unique as the Atacama can produce.

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