Sleek with a laboratory flask flare, the Menu Wine Breather looks little like its intended task. An oval, disc like base attached to a long cylindrical neck—but what is it: a vase, an inverted funky wine glass, a graduated cylinder and Erlenmeyer flask hybrid, or simply a container for holding liquids? Rather, this elegant contraption allows your wine to take a deep breath before pouring and sipping.

A brilliant, new innovated design aerates a full bottle of wine in a mere 2 minutes! Go out to your car, retrieve that last grocery bag, and when you step back inside the wine is ready for sipping. Should you want double the ventilation (try 10 times the oxygen!), simply pour the wine back into the bottle. Another 2 minutes, just enough time to put those groceries away. But, how does this seemingly magical device work without a single drop sacrificed?

As it turns out, no magic is needed. Place the Menu Wine Breather’s opening around the bottleneck for a spill-proof seal. Tip the entire bottle over (strangely resembling Seattle’s famous Space Needle), yes you heard me right, and let gravity funnel the wine through the decanting unit into the large surface carafe. The bottle holds its own completely vertical, so don’t fear any broken glass. Watch the wine, like a waterfall, stream down the sides collecting oxygen as it travels. Now, you have a choice. Use the Menu Wine Breather as a storing and pouring device to mix things up from the traditional bottle by detaching the bottle from the wine breather. Or, simply flip the bottle upright and the wine, doubly oxygenated, will flow back where it came from. Either way, you’re in for a refreshing, rejuvenating experience; taste the advantages. Get yours today!