Mesmerizing and alluring, Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Syrah 2014 is a Chilean wine will hypnotize your taste buds. The notorious winery planted grapes from Manzanar vineyard in Aconcagua Valley in 2005. With the help of the Pacific Ocean water, the soil of the vineyards are filled with nutrients beneficial to the grapes and thus translating to an earthy mineral taste within the wine.

Among the beautiful wines, Aconcagua Costa Syrah hits the palate with spice, floral scents, and deep berry flavors. The sophisticated notes of incense and black pepper compliment the sweet blueberries and strawberries. Furthermore, hazelnut and coffee add another layer of complexity. The attractive violet and lavender floral notes are compelling and the intense, fresh aromatic scents are what make the Syrah utterly divine. The wine should be paired with grilled and roasted red meats, hearty casseroles and stews, and mature cheeses.