Nature is the force that drives Strongbow Hard Apple Cider. Nature sparks energy and intensity. Inspiration comes from each crisp, golden apple that nature delivers and that wonder, excitement, and inspiration that comes from the orchard is in every drop of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider.

The impact that nature has on every bottle of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider inspired the company to create Nature Remix. In 2016, in support of the guerilla gardening movement, Strongbow built an enormous and symbolic apple tree and planted an orchard at its roots in an abandoned building in the middle of Johannesburg, South Africa. This movement helped bridge the gap between nature and urban environments. Providing a lush, green landscape and a pop of color against the gray, cement backdrop we’ve all grown accustomed to. This year, Strongbow will continue its Nature Remix series and bring the apple cider to the Big Apple.

Imagine the streets of New York City being reclaimed by lush, green vines and bright cherry blossoms. Imagine giant trees sprouting between every building, across every rooftop. Imagine pulling back asphalt to reveal green pastures. Imagine the streets overflowing with the ripest apples, sitting back with a glass of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider and reconnecting with nature in ways one can’t in an urban environment. This was the dream, and this year New York based artist, Mary Mattingly, and French artist, Mr. Plant, will make that dream a reality.

There is evidence that connecting with nature increases happiness and productivity. Unfortunately, large green pastures and nature escapes are hard to come by in a metropolitan environment, especially one as large as New York City. This summer season Strongbow in collaboration with Mary Mattingly and her creation of Swale, New York’s first floating food forest, will help nature break through the concrete jungle.

Swale will take advantage of Manhattan waterways to create fresh perennial plants that will be available to all New Yorkers. The once barren barge will flourish with herbs and vegetables as a floating apple orchard blossoms as it drifts up and down the Hudson River. All are invited to reconnect with the great outdoors in the middle of the Big Apple with a wide range of ciders inspired by nature. Take in the green grass and blossoms with new Strongbow Hard Apple Cider flavors like Gold Apple, Cherry Blossom, Honey, and Orange Blossom.

Get an unexpected dose of nature by visiting Swale and enjoy the creativity, inspiration, and happiness packaged in every bottle of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider.

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