Strawberry Shabbes

1.5 oz Strawberry-Tarragon No. 209 Kosher-for-Passover Gin of Vodka*
.25 oz Simple Syrup
.25 oz Lemon Juice
.25 oz Herb Tincture**
Lemon Zest
Method: Shake ingredients plus lemon zest over ice. Strain into an old fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with whole sliced strawberry placed on side of glass.
*Strawberry Gin: Combine 1 Cup sliced strawberries and 10 tarragon leaves with 1 bottle of No. 209 Kosher-for-Passover Gin, and let sit for 48 hours. Strain strawberries out.
 **Herb Tincture: Combine 1/4 cup each of Thyme and Mint with 1 cup of No. 209 Kosher-for-Passover Gin. Sit for 48 hours refrigerated if possible, and strain.