Sriracha is so hot right now.

It’s showing up on tacos and pizza. It’s mixed into pasta sauce and even the aioli for your fries. And now you can find it in your cocktails as a salt rim.

The husband and wife duo behind Stiff Salt Co. has translated this popular Thai chili sauce into a salt that adds a spicy garlic kick to any dish or cocktail.

Adding this salt to a glass as a rim garnish is a natural extension to classic cocktails like the Bloody Mary and Margarita.

Complement the Sriracha salt rim for a Blood Mary by adding in a hint of ginger to the drink and trading out the celery stalk garnish with lemongrass. Or, for a margarita with the Sriracha salt rim, why not infuse the tequila with thai chili or add a little ginger syrup along with the limes?

Or maybe you have an idea? The collective foodie consciousness is full of genius ways to spread Sriracha into anything edible and drinkable.