Weather has an affect on all parts of our lives and now that I drink wine I couldn’t agree more. In Argentina in 2012 the spring was warm. Then average temperatures stuck around in September and October followed by a warm, dry and very sunny November. Over the summer, January was hot and dry with a result of good weather for both vegetation and fruit to remain healthy in February. Warm temperatures, good sunshine and pronounced day/night temperatures accompanied March and April led to a steady ripening in grapes with good acidity, concentrated aromas and lovely color.

All of this led to the beautiful creation of the unique and exceptional character of Clos de Los Siete 2013. Deep purple with flashes of intense crimson in color, it has an aromatic profile of delicate plum and dark fruit notes that interweave with spices, peppers and subtle aromas of white tobacco. The palate is harmonious and smooth with a continuance in an intense, full bodied and great finesse. We should all thank Michel Rolland and Mother Nature for this creation.


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