No more boring regular straws for anyone. This design-forward home good is visually appealing and will bring a higher aesthetic to your home. Chris Earl’s Brass Cocktail Straws are beautiful and intricate not only to be for daily use but also a masterful piece of interior décor. Made in Los Angeles, the set come with a handmade maple and walnut 1.5” x 1.5” x 4.5” wood holding block with cocktail straws made out of solid brass. Measured at 6”, this piece is a timeless work of art.

Chris Earl kicked off his career as a chef in Chicago. He spent his childhood in Papua New Guinea and so when he then transitioned into making furniture, he dedicated that art form to the place he described as “where creating objects is about fulfilling a purpose, creating story, and building community”. Living in Los Angeles, Chris molds elements of each place into his design-forward, simplistic aesthetic and each object’s efficiency is matched with pleasing to the eye beauty. Currently on sale, these straws will look lovely on your table and in your favorite drink whether that’s a soda pop or a homemade mojito.