With the weather breaking, there are plenty of perfect days on the horizon deserving of a perfect drink to match. Well, Shacksbury’s got your back. They are now serving up a delightful version of a classic drink that’s sure to become your new favorite! Based in Vermont, Shacksbury has been churning out great cider for years, but now, wanting to try something new, they’ve released a new brand of beverage that will definitely be a hit at any event. The Shacksbury Spritz comes in two flavors, citrus and ginger, and you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of both on ice at your next party.

From its creation, Spritz, lives up to its name. Derived from an Italian word which basically translates to “effortlessly cool” this classic aperitif is sure to please the masses for hours. Shacksbury’s original twist on this traditional favorite brings together quality ingredients, such as apples, water, and grape skins, and results in a drink that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Each Spritz comes with fresh pressed apples from Sunrise Orchards located in Vermont mixed with natural tinctures to give off those citrus, ginger, and floral notes. And the low ABV in each makes them perfect to sip on all day! Enjoy the perfect weather ahead, just make sure it’s with a Spritz.


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