Most mixers are forgettable, but the right one can bring out the best of a spirit and add a layer of complexity to a drink that might otherwise tend towards mundane. Inventive mixers can be hard to come by, but luckily a company named Franklin & Sons launched in 2015 to help us in our time of need. They specialize in creative tonics and mixers, and they just released two new flavors.

Sicilian Lemonade & English Elderflower with Crushed Juniper opens with a burst of citrus like any lemonade should, but adds hints of juniper and the sweeter floral tone of elderflower. In contrast their 1886 Cola combines herbs and spices with Columbian coffee beans and West African kola nut for a cola that has a spicy-sweet flavor profile. Between the two of these, a memorable, layered cocktail is only one bottle away.

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