Quality and innovation are the twin pillars of Recaș Winery’s unrivaled tenacity and passion for producing wine. In March, Recaș launched its inaugural orange wine at the Clementine Communications Showcase.  Although orange wine has historic roots dating back over 8,000 years, it had all but disappeared until recently when a new wave of visionaries and wine connoisseurs, like those at Cramele Recaș, decided to pave the way. This winemaking style involves macerating white grape skins, which causes the wine to assume an orange hue. Yet, Recaș’ wine stands out from the limited collection of orange wines available today, with its distinctive nutty notes.  Philip Cox, the commercial director, explains how it is crafted with a crisp and mineral texture.

For Cramele Recaș, the orange wine is more than just a new style; it is a philosophy.  As the new launch will become a part of their Sole range, it will also become a part of the “eternal essence of a life well lived”—the quote elegantly scripted on the label. The orange wine is imbued with joy and positivity, much like the four other White and Rosé wines unique to the best-selling Sole range. Cox is also hopeful that this once historic winemaking philosophy will gain momentum in the upcoming months following their launch.  In the case of Cramele Recaș’ refreshing new edition, orange wine is the new white.

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