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Spirit: Slow Hand Six Woods Cask Whiskey
ABV: 57 (115% Proof)
Ingredients: Organic malted barley and infused flavor from six woods: white oak, hickory, maple, mulberry, red oak and grape wood
Score: 96 Points

When you mature a whiskey in 6 different types of wood it’s either going to be incredible or terrible. Greenbar Distillery have ticked the ‘incredible’ box. This cask whiskey is oozing with flavor from the minute the bottle is opened, as you become immersed in a variety of different oaky, vanilla, toffee and butterscotch notes. Each type of wood (white oak, grape, hickory, mulberry, red oak and maple) offers a different personality and expression, which combined, work so very well. On the palate, you can expect earl grey tea, baked Chinese spices, toffee and Christmas fruit loaf. This is the whiskey you drink neat when you want a blast of concentration, quality and appreciation. Bravo.