Slane Irish Whiskey, a unique and striking combination of new and old, is a triple-casked whiskey blend born in a tiny village in the legendary Boyne Valley. And, the secret? It is aged in three varieties of casks: virgin, seasoned, and sherry. This signature process creates a blend of oak and spice that is smooth yet complex and robust. The combination of toasted grain with malt whiskey is akin to the partnership between the Conyngham family and Brown-Forman, a leader in whiskey since 1870, who have pulled Slane out of the past and into new markets.

Since spring 2017, its distinctive black bottle has been standing proud on American shelves. Slane is a whiskey of generations—a smooth spirt of natural character that gleams in the glass. Its golden hue matches its rich palate. In the nose this is a very standard Irish whiskey, fruit laden with drizzles of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla, but on the palate it is anything but typical. First spicy then smooth and sweet, the taste lingers with notes of honeysuckle and bay leaf and is sweetened with caramelized wood sugar and dry candied fruit. You won’t be disappointed.

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