Two award winners come to join to create an unlikely collaboration with a delicious and visually appealing outcome. Whisky Advocate Craft Whisky of the Year winner Brainville Rye Whiskey and Grammy-winning band The Flaming Lips fit into that unlikely category. The legendary band provides a special psychedelic label that shows their influence on the familiar rectangular Few bottles.

Distilled from hearty grain, Flaming Lips is made using rye, corn and malted barley that is grown within 150 miles of the Few Distillery. It is then aged in new, air-dried, charred American oak barrels. This great balance of the rye content combined with the sweet tones from the corn creates a genteel interpretation of venerable spirit with a 46.5% ABV. A very enticing nose of caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon and wood with citrusy, peppery and roasted chestnut undertones come and go with ease further developing this perfectly balanced rye with a rich full body. The taste matches with the smooth rye, grains, cinnamon and some honey with a touch of citrus. The complexity makes the whiskey feel alive with the come and go of flavors that keep moving on the tongue.

The artisan spirit is available this October and is limited to 5,000 bottles, so grab this original bottle of renaissance of rye before time runs out.

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