The history of Scottish gin starts with the juniper berry, which is actually a seed. In the 14th century juniper was used in doctors’ masks during the plague. The use of eating and drinking the juniper was believed to fight off infection and disease. In the 1700’s juniper-based liquor was called fiery Dutch Jenever and it was used to trade with the Dutch for wool and other exotic spices in the port of Leith, Edinburgh where Scottish Gin started.

Today Scottish gins have a superior taste and quality ingredients that are native to their specified regions. A mixture of floral and earthy spices combined with citrus and other unique blends per distillery. Gin as a Scottish culture has become one of the most sought after by connoisseurs worldwide for the experience that goes along with taste.

Gilt Gin Single Malt drink me Top Scottish Gin

This single malt Scottish Gin will keep that guilty pleasure satisfied with its earthy juniper, creamy vanilla, hints of dried herbs and tangy fruit will have your senses hooked. The orange finish with mixed spices will have you hooked on this Scottish Gin that is probably a sin in a bottle.

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Glen Wyvis
Glenwyvis drink me Top Scottish Gins

Glen Wyvis distilleries make their gin with 100% renewable energy including delivering by electric car. It is also owned and supported by the community. The heritage of Glen Wyvis dates to the 1690’s and ranges from financial ruin to brand reincarnation right within the Ross-shire. The first Ben Wyvis Distillery was born in 1979 built by 90 men that took 9 months to blast away the Dingwall hillside where they implemented renewable energies just like today. Besides having a history in whiskey distilleries, the Glen Wyvis Gin is a force to be reckoned with. This gin has a smooth citrus zing that will have your taste buds dancing from the zesty ingredients that make this Scottish Gin a fan favourite. Juniper, coriander, angelica root, cinnamon, orange and lemon help flavour this unique gin.

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Caorunn drink me Top Scottish Gins

Caorunn traces back to its origins of 1824, distilled in Balmenach, and one of the oldest distilleries in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. The age-old Celtic traditions use a mix of botanicals including rowan berry which is the name of the gin in Celtic. Hints of heather, dandelion and coul blush apple tingle the palate with various spices to give this historic Scottish gin a crisp and clean finish. The asterisk emblem and the unique shape of the bottle pay homage to the native Scottish botanicals surrounding the distillery that make this gin a master in its class and a piece of Scottish heritage.

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Up Helly Aa Gin
Shetland Reel drink me Top Scottish Gins

Up Helly Aa Gin packs a powerful 57% ABV in each bottle. That is 100 proof! Shetland Reel’s new limited edition recipe which is part of their award winning Ocean Sent gin. Then aged in an ex-sherry and whisky cask resulting in the sweet notes of sherry in this clean fresh gin, and just in time for the Shetland world famous Viking fire festival. The sweet scent of juniper that jumps out in the palate with citrus and sherry and then balanced by tannins from the wood with a savoury note of gin. Perfect with ginger ale and a twist of grapefruit peel to bring that kick down to a subtle tap.

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London Gorse
Gorse Gin drink me Top Scottish Gins

Distilled and bottled in the kingdom of Fife, Scotland. With an impressive 18 botanicals used in the distillery process including Italian and Macedonian juniper, elderflower, camomile, grapefruit, cinnamon, and Fife gorse. London Gorse captures the style of London dry gin with the summer of Scotland in each bottle. Fruit flavours that ease into a long finish of treacle toffee, dark chocolate and bitter orange. Drinks well on its own and blends fantastically with tonic.

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