Serving Draught Beer correctly in small scale places has just become much easier thanks to the innovative team over at Stella Artois. This brand reflects the traditional Belgian brewing dating back to 1366. They’ve built their image based on producing the number one Belgian beer that can be found in 95 countries—what a feat! Now to add to their incredible success, they have released the Artois NOVA, which was designed with intimate bars, lounges, and restaurants in mind. The attractive and modern looking countertop draught refrigeration unit is your all-in-one device to serve draughts correctly and efficiently. It features Bottle in Bottle technology and “plug and pour” ideology. The system includes electric components, a cooler, compressor, and bottles all within this small device. Stella Artois took big and scaled it down. Essentially, freshly poured draught beer (12 liters per chalice) could be available in your kitchen or bar without needing a larger set-up.


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