We’ve all been in this predicament at one stage in our lives. You’re at a venue for a gig, a concert or an event and would like a drink; the only issue is that you’re either faced with missing half the act because the lines are so long or losing half your wage because each beer costs about $12. As some incredibly wise lady once said on a YouTube video, “Aint Nobody Got Time For That”.

Today we introduce you to ‘Speakeasy Briefs’, the answer to all of your event-drinking woes. A discreet zipper pocket located on the crotch of these premium quality boxer briefs allows room for your stealth flask, as well as multiple other items such as bank cards, ID, or whatever else you can fit in there. Get just the briefs or if you’re feeling fancy throw in a 6 oz. stainless steel Speakeasy Briefs flask too.

Either way, the blend of model, cotton & spandex ensures a comfortable feel to these perfectly crafted premium boxers that were put together by a master Venetian tailor (suave, right?). Oh, and if you’re not happy with your purchase, Speakeasy Briefs will give you a 100% refund. They are also locally sourced and created right here in San Francisco, USA, so you can add a little more ‘MURICA! to your daily lifestyle.

Website: http://speakeasybriefs.com
Price: $25+