There are many traditional rules for hosting guests.

I know none of these rules, except for one: serve cheese with wine.

I don’t know much about traditional party etiquette, but I think another rule should be that all cheese must be served beautifully. Fine cheese should be matched with fine design. The way you serve food sets the tone for the party and visually communicates the care that has gone into your wine-cheese pairing.

For coupling excellent cheese with brilliant design, Sagaform, the Swedish kitchenware, has the answer.

Their cheese dome, which comes with beautiful oak and a glass cloche, visually reinforces the quality of the cheeses in a way that a beat-up cutting board just can’t. And if you’ve carefully crafted a cheese plate to perfectly complement your wine, don’t blow it with cheeseknives. If your serving knives have wooden handles mismatched from the cheese dome, your guests may doubt your ability to pair wine and cheese before the first cracker is even prepared. For this, Sagaform also makes a three-piece knife set with oak handles that match their cheese dome. The set comes with two knives—one for parmesan cheese and one for hard cheeses—as well as a serving fork.

New rule: Serve your guests, beautifully.