More often than not, when one thinks of rum they think of swashbuckling pirates. Rum is not reserved for peg legged savages crossing the seas by boat. These days, rum has moved out of the poop decks and into the stratosphere. High-end sip-able rum has moved to the forefront of the fine spirit community, and no rum represents a worldly class and sophistication quite like Spanish style rums. Complexly spiced and uniquely delicious, Spanish rums are truly the measuring stick when it comes to a rum worth savoring. Today, we list the top 6 Spanish rums.

Panama-Pacific Rum 23 year
Panama-Pacific Rum 23 year drink me Top Spanish Style Rums

Named after the famed region of Panama, Panama-Pacific 23 year blend is one of the most highly regarded rums available today. With an aging process that includes Kentucky bourbon barrels, this rum presents an eclectic array of flavors. With a velvety smooth texture, a woody flavor profile, and notes of caramelized sugar, caramel, and chocolate, this rum brings a versatile yet complimentary taste to the table.

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Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel, 2005
Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel, 2005 drink me Top Spanish Style Rums

Aged for 10 years in their signature select casks, Don Q’s signature 2005 release is the perfect culmination of an intricate deliberate distilling process. The single barrel process, contrary to popular belief, results in a refreshingly light and tasty rum. This rum has a creamy backbone. With notes of vanilla and a charred woody finish, this complex rum will make those who sink into their seat.

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Facundo Exquisito
Facundo Exquisito drink me Top Spanish Style Rums

A perfect embodiment of the spirit of Havana, Facundo Exquisito is a classic Spanish blend. Exquisito is a spectacular blend of several different flavors sure to bring any drinker to their feet. With notes of lavender, honey, assam tea, and a tobacco bite, Exquisito is one of the most expressive rums on the market today.

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Mezan Panama Rum 1999
Mezan Panama 1999 drink me Top Spanish Style Rums

Based in the U.K., Mezan distillery is famous for taking Caribbean rum and continuing aging them in the English climate, Mezan rum has moved their way into the top shelves of most bars across the world. Their Panama 1999 is far and away at the top of their portfolio. With no added sugar, this rum has a shockingly sweet profile that isn’t too overbearing. Easy to sip with notes of peach and honey, Panama 1999 is meant to be enjoyed neat next to a warm fire.

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Ron Abuelo Centuria
Rum Abuelo Centuria drink me Top Spanish Style Rums

Ron Abuelo’s Centuria has earned it’s moniker due to the distillers celebration of a century of rum making. Ron Abuelo has unearthed a masterpiece worthy of a centennial celebration. Centuria is a blend of Ron Abuelo’s finest reserves aged in white oak barrels for up to thirty years. Their solera method of aging helps the reserves both blend masterfully and maintain their original integrity. With notes of vanilla caramel and peach peel, Centuria is uniquely delicate yet delightfully challenging.

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