If you could pour Florida into a glass, what would it look like? We picture tiny palm trees melting over glistening cubes of ice, airy sundresses swirled amongst drifting bubbles, bright hibiscus and bougainvillea blossoming just beneath the glass’s curved rim. Ringing the perimeter perhaps a pod of diminutive dolphins or a pair of gentle manatees would frolic.

And if you could pour Florida into a glass, what would it taste like? We venture quite a bit like Rum:30, the state’s newest premium craft rum created by lifetime Floridians Fred Greene and Cameron Grace, hailing from balmy Ft. Lauderdale. Infused with fresh-cut Florida orange peel and aged in white American oak, the aroma that wafts from a bottle of Rum:30 is pure Florida: fresh juicy citrus with undertones of creamy banana and succulent mango delight the olfactory senses. Which is sort of what Greene and Grace had in mind when perfecting their recipe. “It’s long been said that rum has been overdue for its time in the spotlight, and what we wanted to do was to create a craft rum that captured the spirit of Florida in a bottle”, Greene explains.

Ultimately relaxed without sacrificing complexity, Rum:30 all but demands (gently, of course) to be muddled with fresh mint and simple syrup, topped with soda and lime, and sipped from a hammock swinging close to the sea. The essence of Florida in a glass.

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