The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture has recognized 28 villages and their vineyards as classified producers of Tokaji. At the base of the Mád grape growing region sits Betsek Hill. These vines are aged 20-40 years and grown in rich Nyirok clay. The grapes were harvested in 2013 before macerating for two days to ensure that the flavors reach a perfect equilibrium. After maturing in Royal Tokaji’s underground cellars for three years in Hungarian oak cask the wine is bottled.

This fresh white wine has a pale-lemon finish and a peppery, apricot heavy nose with a hint of honey. It has a lingering finish full of zesty grapefruit and orange flavors. The wine is fully matured by the time it is bottled but it ages well so feel free to mature it further in your home cellar. Serve it at 10- 13oC with abrasive umami flavors such as smoked fish and cultured cheeses, or uncork it after dinner with a fruit-heavy almond based dessert.