Martin and Claire Murray’s passion for making fine gin and vodka goes beyond distilling their award winning spirits. Dunnet Bay Distillers is treated like more of a family member than a family business. They lovingly named their traditional copper pot still Elizabeth. Their familial love for their spirits extends to a pride of their Scottish heritage. The local botanicals are hand-foraged from the cliffs and forests of Caithness, tying Rock Rose Gin directly to Scotland.

For gin lovers, the arrival of spring means the release of the seasonal edition of Dunnet Bay Distillery’s award winning Rock Rose Gin. The gin is named for its botanical Rhodiola rosea, which adds a delicate flora note. Also featured are gorse flowers, coltsfoot, and dandelion, which combine to create a sweet and earthy taste, with hints of coconut and licorice. Be sure to try this fresh tasting gin before the season ends.

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