These wine glasses turn standard barware on its side. Literally.

Drinking wine out of the same type of glass—with the same vertical stem—is just exhausting. Okay, anything involving drinking doesn’t get that old, but it’s exciting when the experience can be transformed into something new and refreshing.

These Revolution Wine Glasses do just that. As their name suggests, these wine glasses bring a revolution to the drinking experience by moving the wine stem to the horizontal position. Having the stem in the horizontal position facilitates easier pouring and drinking.

These glasses are made of high-grade borosilicate glass, so they’re designed to last. Their design is also brilliant for allowing a wine to breathe. We recommend serving red wine in these glasses, or using them to showcase a well-presented dessert.

If you’re not yet convinced, are you seeing the glass as half full? With these glasses you can let your hair down a bit while drinking. After all, you can’t overturn a glass that’s already on its side.