It’s that time of year again for the greatest football game of them all, Super Bowl Sunday!  Taste these yummy couch companions as you hum the tune to The Champs’ hit song ‘Tequila’.  

Herradura  –  Tequila Seleccion Suprema

Location: Mexico
Alcohol: 80 proof
Score: 95 Pts

Oohs and aahs were the reaction to this.  Aromas of tobacco, yellow bell pepper, and salted caramel tantalize the nose while its savory richness on the palate uncovers a satisfying finish of spearmint and spice.  Absolutely exquisite.  -JA

Herradura – Tequila Coleccion de la Casa “Cognac Cask Finish” Reposado Reserva 2013
Herradurra Tequila

Location: Jalisco, Mexico,
Alcohol: 80 proof
Score: 92 points

Aromas of caramel and herbs edged with a hint of clove and a subtle whiff of saffron lead to butterscotch, pepper, and apricot mingling with crème brûlée and a lingering note of cedar. Very interesting.

Suerte – Anejo Tequila
Suerta Anejo

Location: Mexico
Alcohol: 80 proof
Score: 93 Pts

Like Lennie from Of Mice and Men, cuddly with jasmine flower yet unaware of its sheer strength from cooked agave, black cherry, cigarette smoke, prickly pear, and a robust pico de gallo finish. – JA

Suerte – Reposado Tequila
suerte reposado

Location: Mexico
Alcohol: 80 proof
Score: 92 Pts

The ultimate wingman for a backyard cookout, it’s a smooth operator and compellingly powerful with flavors of smoked agave, charcoal, grilled red peppers, sweet corn, and an arsenal of savory spices. – JA