Purity, restraint, and perfection are the inspiration behind Ventisquero’s Reserva line. Every bottle in the Reserva collection is of the highest quality and promises to surpass all expectation. The 2016 ripening season came with low temperatures and zero rainfall which resulted in exceptionally healthy and aromatic grapes that carried distinct characteristics of the Casablanca Valley where they were grown. These characteristics come to life in Ventisquero’s Reserva Sauvignon Blanc.

Reserva Sauvignon Blanc pours crystal clear and pale green. The elegant bouquet encapsulates the spirit of an ocean breeze. Particularly the Pacific Ocean in which the vineyard in Casablanca Valley sits only 25 km away. Breath in tropical aromas like pineapple, lime, grapefruit, and pear balanced perfectly with earthy undertones of mineral and herb. Citrus is apparent in the mouth and goes hand-in-hand with the wine’s vibrant acidity followed by a mineral finish. All of this contributes to a complex, refined, and elegant Sauvignon Blanc that pairs exceptionally well with salads and seafood. The tropical aromas and flavors will have one longing for a day at the beach. Reserva Sauvignon Blanc offers a small summer getaway in a bottle.

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