Professor Cornelius Ampleforth doesn’t take off for the holidays. Is he a Grinch?

Not in my book. Thanks to his hard work, your festive party can easily get the passing grade. Just add this Christmas Mulled Cup and sugar to a fruity wine, and bring in a little heat.

Just like with Ampleforth’s other products, the Christmas Mulled Cup is made with nothing shy of the finest ingredients. This bottle contains VSOP cognac, vintage port, and the finest tinctures of holiday spices like root ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. All of this comes together in the perfect formula that only a PhD could create.

Don’t waste your winter break hunting down all the festive spices in the market only to spend hours over the stove peeling citrus and chopping ingredients in hopes that your formula will make the winning mulled wine.
You should take off for the holidays.