The lands of Tokaji in Hungary were the first vineyards in Europe designed by the wine Gods to create a fruity and flavorful wine that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. 2013 Szent Tamas was created in one of the most expensive vineyards in the region. Its climate makes for the perfect land to grow grapes with rich soil consisting of red tinged clay due to the high mineral content. Due to this rare mineral consistency in the soil, it’s no wonder this wine comes with a price. Made with the best berries, this wine is goes through a two-day fermenting process to create the perfect balance. It is then transferred to a 300 litre Hungarian oak casks for just about two years in underground cellars of Royal Tokaji’s.

With a concentrated yet wide range of flavor and taste, this elegant wine holds true to its acidity and depth full of richness as you swallow. You’ll smell hints of orange peel tossed in honey on the nose. Enjoy at first purchase or save for future enjoyment. Pairs well with smoked fish, aged blue cheese and tarty-fruit desserts.