It’s cloudy, it’s hazy, it’s mildly intoxicating, its predecessor is called “Resin”, and its packaging is covered in fluffy green clouds. But “Puff” isn’t the newest sativa strain available for pickup at your local Washington, Oregon, Alaska, or Colorado neighborhood dispensary. In fact, it’s crafted on the slightly less green-tolerant but just as craft-beer-rabid East Coast of the USA at Brooklyn’s excellent Sixpoint Brewery. Oh, in case we haven’t made it clear yet, Puff is a beer. A thick, creamy, character-rich Double Imperial IPA, to be exact.

It’s kind of a spin-off on the brewery’s popular IPA Resin, released in the good old-fashioned Franconian unfiltered style. Puff will have you happily hovering on your own personal green cloud of robust hoppiness with a heavy-hitting flavor profile that layers rich pine, yeasty malt, and savory onion with a subtle layer of juicy papaya and pineapple sweetness. The balancing fruit notes lead to a silky smooth and pleasantly bitter finish despite the beer’s relatively high ABV of 9.8%. Puff, puff, pass if you like, but we think you may want to hold onto your glass. The dankness is strong in this one.

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