Now trending— convenient and colorful wine that is a bit more appealing (and photogenic) than what you may be used to seeing on the menus of acclaimed restaurants. L.A. based Startup company Nomadica Wine is bringing canned wines with pretty packaging popular to millenials. Normadica offers five blends of wine— Rosé, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, RHMF Chenin, and Oregon White. Founded by Harvard MBA graduate Emma Toshack in 2016, Nomadica partners with artists to create Instagram worthy cans and West Coast wine producers to create high quality, refreshing wine

While the cans grab the initial attention of buyers, Nomadica continues to impress wine drinkers with something even more important— what’s actually inside. Their Oregon White Blend is a standout. Produced by J. Scott Cellars on the coast of Oregon, this sparkling wine is the picture perfect beverage for adventures that will cure your wanderlust.

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