The bottle cork flies up into the air and the sparkling wine overflows to the top…that kind of sound can start any sort of celebration. Popping sparkling wine is always a good time, but can sometimes be an expensive one. We have selected 5 different kinds that will have you celebrating in style without breaking the bank!


La Fleur de Francois
Fleur de Franáois CrÇmant Ros 2017 drink me Sparkling

Variety: Cremant de Bordeaux Rosé Brut
Price: $15.99

This sparkling rose displays a lovely color of light pink in the bottle and is filled with flavours of berries and cream with a crisp and dry taste to finish. It perfectly coats your palate after a light meal and goes nicely with shellfish, vegetables, lean fish, and even an aperitif!


La Fleur de Francois
Fleur de Franáois CrÇmant Blanc 2017 drink me Fleur de Franaois

Variety: Cremant de Bordeaux Brut

This wine is simply sparkling with its gold label that is lightened by the shades of green. The maturing can last up to 24 months depending on the desired product. Subtle and discreet on the nose with white floral notes. The palate is supple, crisp, and light. It works as an after dinner delight.


Jalliance Cremant De Bordeaux Brut
Cremant Bordeaux Bru drink me Sparkling

Variety: Cremant de Bordeaux Brut
Price: $12.00-20.00

This brilliant sparkling wine has colors of pale yellow with shining golden reflections. The nose is filled with a beautiful intensity of aromas of citrus and hawthorn. The palate is a balanced, abundant, pleasing foam, with elegance persistence on brioche notes. Benefiting from the warmth of the ocean climate and abundant sunshine, this elegant wine is also pleasant as an aperitif.


Jalliance Cremant de Bordeaux Rosé Brut
CRremant Bordeaux Rose drink me sparkling

Variety: Cremant de Bordeaux Rosé Brut
Price: $15.00-$20.00

This fully bodied and fruity wine displays a light silvery pink coral color. It is filled with earthy aromas and flavours of wild strawberries, white mulberries and sautéed almonds, along with a silky-smooth, bubbly, finely fizzing, dry-yet-fruity light to medium body with a tingling sensation in the mouth. It finishes with a sour cherry, herbal honey, and chalk ending. This lively sparkler will have you keep coming back for more.


Jean-Baptiste Audy
Jean-Baptiste Audy drink me sparkling

Variety: Cremant de Bordeaux
Price: $11.99

It is perfumed with complex aromas of lime fruit, pear, acacia, and white flowers intertwined with subtle hints of white cherry blossom, walnuts, and caramel. Being creamy in the mouth with a gentle mousse of bubbles, this delicate wine is very aromatic and well balanced. With a long and elegant finish with a persistent froth, once you pop this you can’t stop!