One of Armand de Brignac’s flagship cuvées will have you screaming, “Rosé all day!” The metallic pink bottle truly is reminiscent of a classy Pink Cadillac, with its sleek pink bottle and the pewter name plate filling in for the chrome wheels and grill. Plus, you’ll want to pour it just as quickly as a Pink Caddy could motor. Armand de Brignac’s Rosé is a strong keystone in their deep range of champagnes.

This Rosé goes down easy, maybe a little too easy, with flavors that are eye opening and deeply complex. Crafted by adding 15% of still red wine to the final blend, the pinot noir is harvested from old vines, yielding fruit with great flavor intensity. Armand de Brignac’s Rosé is an ideal drinking partner and a perfect pre-meal companion to stimulate the appetite. Aromas swim in and out of strawberry notes and cherry and floral smells. On the palate, this Rosé is overflowing with red grape flavor followed by hints of cherries and pastries. Once you move on to the main course, this champagne pairs extremely well with duck and salmon. Basically, this Rosé is perfect for any occasion with its deep, rich, red fruit flavor, and will be your go to champagne from now on.

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