Prepare to indulge yourself for the release of the complete collection of Perrier-Jouët Champagne. With more than three different bubblies to appease any palate, the Perrier-Jouët range will bring elegance to any table.

Belle Epoque is a 2006 vintage that resembles a light Chardonnay with cold and dry wintery finish, aged six years to reach a balanced mineral flavor Belle Epoque can be perfectly paired with any meal. For something on the lighter side but with the bite that Chardonnay gives, Belle Epoque Blanc De Blanc is a younger 2004 vintage that’s bright gold in color. Tasting the warmth June and May sun brought to these hand-picked grapes Blanc De Blanc has fresh floral notes with a subtle yet dynamic citrus finish, this bubbly is well complimented with some caviar.

Appealing to a trendier audience, Blason Rosé bears the traditional rose hue that its cherry blossom packaging reflects. Blason Rosé colors the taste buds with rich red raspberries and blood orange, ideally served chilled its crisp complex flavor is best enjoyed sashimi or a chocolate desert. The whole line of Perrier-Jouët Champagne is available for purchase now. Embrace the bubbles!

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