You don’t have to travel to the hills of Italy to celebrate the Italian way. Three separate sparkling wines from Italy have arrived just in time to spruce up any upcoming party, and they are all easy on your wallet. And if you are celebrating in true Italian fashion with the amount of food to match, you might want to pick up all three!

Rotari brings us two delicious options, their vintage 2013 Brut and 2013 Brut Rosé. Rotari produces their sparkling wine the same way that France produces their champagne, with just a few tweaks. Both the Brut and Brut Rosé use the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, but Rotari leaves their bottles on the lees for 24 months, double the usual 12 used for French champagne. This leads to their sparkling wines pouring with richer flavors, filled with complexity. The Brut has rich fruity aromas, while the palate consists of crisp yellow apple and juicy pineapple. Their Brut Rosé on the other hand, with its soft pink hue, has all of the consistencies of the red fruits, with flavors of cherry, blackberry, and raspberry for a sweeter, fruitier finish. One taste and you’ll see why both of these wines scored 91 points in the Ultimate Wine Challenge. Either option would pair perfectly with dinner or dessert respectively.

Not to be outdone, Mezzacorona, also checking in with a score of 91 points from the Ultimate Wine Challenge, submits its Italian Glacial Bubbly for your tasting pleasure. Mezza di Mezzacorona packs a complex cornucopia of flavors into one bottle. The floral notes of wild mountain rose, mixed with red apple, pear, and white peach are an aromatic delight. The resulting taste is crisp and fresh with plenty of bubbles and smooth acidity. The aromas and flavors make this the perfect sparkling wine to mix with orange juice for brunch mimosas, and the price is so reasonable that you can afford to go stingy on the juice!

Price: Brut Rosé: $19.95+ // Brut: From $18.75+ // Mezzacorona: From $16.99+


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