Your favorite childhood sandwich has made its way into your cocktail glass.

Yes, PB&J in a cocktail.

This pre-made cocktail is made by distilling 4 year Kentucky straight bourbon with organic peanut butter. Then, the peanut butter bourbon is then mixed with more bourbon, pink Himalayan sea salt, and raspberry syrup. The result is an easily managed, tasty cocktail at the ready. It can be refrigerated or kept at room temperature, and then served neat or on the rocks.

Is it good? To answer that I first ask, “have you ever had a PB&J sandwich that was bad?”

Didn’t think so.

Now, let me tell you this bottle is made by the experts at Aske Stephenson, the beverage consultants behind London bars likes Whistling Shop and Black Rock. This crew knows a thing or two about applying chemistry to create high quality, innovative cocktails.

To top it off, this cocktail bottle is sealed with raspberry-scented wax. Just try to resist breaking into that…

Aske Stephenson has other creative pre-made cocktails coming down the pipeline like the Flat White Russian and a Cigar & Coffee Manhattan. I can’t wait.